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  • QA Transformation Reporting Form - We Need Your Help.It's Not OK to Cut QA!
    Updated On: Jan 02, 2019

    Click here for fillable pdf to report issues.

    Recently, Boeing informed us of their “QA Transformation Plan.” Their plan looks to eliminate thousands of specific inspections within the manufacturing process and, in other cases, shift inspection work over to our mechanics.

    As discussed at our QA Transformation Informaitonal meetings in December, we are providing this fillable pdf for members to document examples of issues you see on the floor. Please use the fillable pdf, then print and provide all documentation supporting the example to your Steward or BR. This informaiton will be collected and utilized in our efforts to show that these decisions by Boeing are short sighted and jeopardize the integrity of the manufacturing process. NOTE: You have a right to provide this informaiton to your Union, as we are addressing grievances and bargaining the impacts of these changes.

    Boeing estimates their plan will impact over 400 of our QA jobs next year and potentially the same amount the year after that, which causes us great concern. This will not only place a heavier burden on our mechanics but will also eliminate thousands of specific inspections and the second set of eyes on many jobs.

    Boeing is moving forward with implementing their plan to remove these inspections over our objections. We strongly disagree with the Company’s decision to eliminate QA inspections and plan to challenge it with every viable option.

    Prior to learning about this change, we already had grievances headed to arbitration over similar issues. We believe this announcement shows our current grievances are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the impact of the QA Transformation Plan being implemented by the Company.

    We have demanded to bargain the impacts of this decision with the goal of modifying or mitigating the Company’s actions.

    This is a bad decision that will cause an abundance of out-of-sequence work. Everyone knows that will result in rework, damage, injuries to our members, increased costs, more work at the end of the manufacturing process, and the risk of late deliveries.

    While there aren’t a lot of details to share at this time, we are gathering information from the Company on which operations will be removed. We will work to share that information as we receive it.

    Again, we are asking for input from members to help battle this. We will be working with Stewards in specific roles to evaluate and craft responses during upcoming effects bargaining.

    We will use every option to preserve our QA jobs and the integrity of the inspection process. Our members are very proud of the high quality products they build. All jobs are important, and these jobs are worth fighting for. Let’s unite in solidarity, stand together and fight for our jobs with the message: IT’S NOT OK TO CUT QA!

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