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  • Union Still Pushing to Get a Higher AMPP Payment; AMPP Payout Feb 28; Last Day to Divert AMPP to VIP Feb. 13
    Updated On: Jan 30, 2019

    The AMPP payment percentage has not been finalized. District 751 is still pushing to ensure that all things we feel have negatively impacted the AMPP payout that are out of members’ control are excluded. We will continue to push to get you the highest possible AMPP payout for your exceptional efforts throughout 2018.

    The AMPP payout will be on Feb. 28. Members have until 1 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, Feb. 13 to elect if they want to divert any or all of the AMPP payment to their VIP. You should review your current AMPP elections and make any desired changes before the deadline.

    To view or change your current VIP incentive pay election: go to My Retirement Benefits on TotalAccess, select Manage My Retirement Income, and then choose the Savings tab at the top of that site.

    Select Change Incentive Rates in the “Act” section on the left. The next screen shows the field(s) where you can enter the percentage you wish to contribute from your incentive pay on a pretax and/or Roth basis.  If you have a current election, you will see the percentage you have on file. 

    To make a change, enter a new rate and select Next. Review the information on the next screen and then select Confirm. You will see a screen that indicates your transaction has been accepted.

    This applies only to your incentive pay election – see “Change Contribution Rates” if you want to view or change your current VIP contribution.

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