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  • AMPP Payout Will Be 5.6% on Feb. 28
    Posted On: Jan 31, 2019

    AMPP Payout Will Be 5.6% on Feb. 28

    The AMPP payout for the 2018 Performance Period is 5.6% and will be paid on February 28.

    Thanks to all the members who brought forward input that was ultimately used to make positive adjustments. I also want to thank our AMPP committee members  (Richard Jackson, Ed Lutgen, Dan Swank and Connie Kelliher) for engaging the membership, presenting the issues, and making the case, that was heard by the Company side of the AMPP Committee, resulting in the payout you see today.

    We are proud of the work our members accomplish every day and feel strongly that you always deserve the maximum payout. We continue needing your help going forward identifying issues that should be excluded. We will continue working diligently on your behalf to push for the highest AMPP payout we can achieve in the future and appreciate all your hard work every day.

    Again, you will receive 5.6 percent on February 28. Keep in mind the last day to elect to divert any or all of the AMPP to your VIP is 1 p.m. Pacific Time on Feb. 13.

    In Solidarity, 

    Jon Holden
    District President

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